March 19, 2019
Wearable Art Tote – Raksha Mani – Healing Mandala
October 17, 2019
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Wearable Art Tote – Christine Heslop – Sakura


This design was inspired by a few personal influences including the beauty of nature, family and heritage. Sakura blooming in Spring means Japanese families and friends meet to spend time together while the cherry blossoms are bursting with renewed life. They only last 2 weeks, are very delicate and represent qualities such as strength, beauty and fertility.

They also remind us that we must pay attention to all that life offers, with those who we love. Sakura symbolizes beauty and mortality in Japanese culture, especially for Samurai warriors.

As my family history has informed me, my feudal relatives, The Heike Clan, lived by “bushido”, the way of the warrior. This strict moral code included respect, discipline and honour.

Revered as a symbol of rebirth, optimism and hope, I hope that this Sakura tote will bring you that feeling of hope too.

I was inspired to paint Sakura since they often grow in hues of pink, the colour associated with Breast Cancer Awareness. The element of the Butterfly represents one’s evolution and journey through life and symbolizes my paternal family crest.

About the Artist

Christine was born and raised in Toronto. Her interest in art and fashion became apparent at an early age. She takes inspiration from nature, working with graphite, conté, pastels, watercolours and leather.
Her recent interest in working with leather began after joining Moore Pearsall Tannery Warehouse, where she assisted in developing their Social Media presence. In doing so, she has been able to learn more about technical aspects of leather. Now she is involved in selling, new customer development, sourcing and marketing.

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