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October 17, 2019
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Wearable Art Tote – Sacha Sewhdat – aBC Story


Taking into account that this is first a bag and a work of art in its own right, I first wanted to incorporate the tote’s hazelnut colour and second do something that would not alter the tote’s form and function or impede its usefulness.
I did not want to make something that a wearer would not feel comfortable wearing out in public. I wanted to create something timeless and contemporary that is meaningful as well as useful.
Each row of letters represents a decade in a woman’s life, with each letter representing one of the many worries and obstacles life brings.
I imagined a woman and created her story on this bag.
In the first decade, her worries were few – so the letters appear outlined, or stroked.
In the second and third decades, many worries clutter her life, but breast cancer is the last thing she worries about, so the ‘b’ remains only outlined.
In the fourth and fifth decades, breast cancer joins her library of worries.
In the sixth decade, from nowhere, breast cancer strikes and becomes the sole focus of those years, eventually fading away but remaining an ever-present thought over the next twenty years when the risk of recurrence remains present. Eventually, once cancer falls into remission, it rejoins the other worries in the background of the ninth decade of her life.
In the final decade, she returns to childhood, giving up her cares and living her life free of worry, having lived through and endured much.
My hope is that this design is subtle enough that the tote might still be useful and yet just eye-catching enough to be noteworthy, spark conversation, and hopefully, be memorable in its subtlety.

About the Artist
Sacha is an artist from Aurora, Ontario. He has worked in oil but prefers acrylic paints. Recently he returned to his first love – pen and ink and comics. He writes a comic on Instagram called @pea_and_carrot that has been on hiatus recently though he swears is returning shortly. The second panel features the character Pea from an upcoming comic. Sacha works as a producer and director for a company called @miraclemountainmediagroup.

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