Front Row: Danika Dawn and Kai Cerulean Second Row: Shawn, Apoorva, Debra Ann, Christine, Nadia, Claire Third Row: Raksha, Denina, Sarah, Sacha, Andrew, Lori Unable to attend: Jacqueline and Olga

    Jacqueline Poirier and Debra Ann before the show.

    Olga Pankova – with Painted Tote “DREAMER”

    The evening organized for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to benefit Princess Margaret Cancer Centre was a resounding success. This event was the first for Grands & Co. showcasing one-of-a-kind artwork on hand-crafted leather Timeless Totes. Donations = $2,355.

    Here I express my sincere thanks to everyone who donated their time, art, space, products, and funds. All proceeds from the event were donated to the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

    Artists: for their commitment of time and their talented art expertise:

    Christine Heslop –

    Raksha Mani – @modern_tanjore

    Lori Meeboer –

    Sarah Phelps –

    Claire Minderhoud

    Olga Pankova –

    Jacqueline Poirier –

    Danika Ragbar –

    Nadia Ragbar –

    Shawn Ragbar –

    Sacha D. Sewhdat –

    Denina Simmons –

    Apoorva Varma –

    Andrew Westmaas – ( Scarborough, Andrew Westmaas

    Curator: Shannon Linde


    Area39, Shawn Ragbar, for Printing, milling of brass hearts, website management,

    City Life Magazine, Angela Palmieri-Zerillo, Dolce Media Group, for advertising and City Life Magazines –

    DNR Business Systems Inc. for capital expenditure

    Milk Glass Co., Kelly Wray and Char Da Silva, for donating their art gallery space

    Tonica Kombucha, Zoey Shamai, for donating kombucha teas, for the event

    Collective, 389 Spadina Av, Toronto, Sean and Shane, for supplying the paints at a discounted price –

    Snacks, cheese platter, sushi platter donated by guests and artists.

    All handmade Timeless Leather Totes were crafted by Debra Ann under the brand Grands & Co.

    Seven (7) remaining painted totes are available for sale through this website. I encourage you to support my fund raising initiative. The funds go directly to the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. I can attest that the level of research that is carried out for cancer treatments has helped me, within a short time, to continue enjoying a high quality of life. Additionally, I found that working with my hands to create each unique tote is a creative way to heal the mind and body.

    With love and thanks, February 2020

    Debra Ann, Founder of Grands & Co., and Leathersmith


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