February 21, 2020

With Gratitude from Rewired Learning

by Pauline Kaldeway | April 5, 2020

It brings me joy to see Debra Ann’s beautiful smile on the promotional ad for the Spring 2020 Princess Margaret Home Lottery Show. The opportunity to partner with Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in raising funds for cancer research is a natural flow of Debra’s gratitude for the Centre.

The world needs more people with gratitude. Many have read or heard that a gratitude mindset contributes to positive emotions, yet many have not identified a natural means of initiating this quality.

Dr. Martin Seligman , a pioneer in the field of Positive Psychology, has determined, with research, that there are five building blocks that enable individuals and communities to flourish. Gratitude falls under the category of positivity, the first letter in Seligman’s model using the acronym P.E.R.M.A.

P is for positivity which is about increasing one’s positive emotion by cultivating gratitude, forgiveness, mindfulness, hope and optimism.

E is for engagement . It is important to take time to identify the activities that allow us to forget everything else and simply immerse ourselves in creative, often, hands-on experiences.

R is for relationships. Everyone needs just one additional person in their life that they can talk to, authentically, without being judged.

M is for meaning. Being involved in projects that are meaningful and beneficial to others increase our sense of purpose and well-being.

A is for accomplishment. We crave the ability to accomplish things. It is a good idea to begin with small projects; even a three point “To Do” list can have a positive influence on our emotions.

In recently starting up my Listening Therapy Practice, Rewired Learning , in Belleville, Ontario, I admire people like Debra Ann, who I have met through our shared Hello BossGirls group. Debra Ann’s positivity and hope shine brightly through her Instagram posts and Website, Grands and Co .

Debra Ann has inspired and empowered others through her engagement in creating beautiful works of art through her hand-made original leather totes. I, personally, have discovered that it is through reflective writing that I experience a sense of engagement, flow, and positivity. I write, not to be evaluated, but to engage in an experience that connects my head to my heart.

As Debra allows others into her personal story of walking through a diagnosis of cancer four days before she turned 64, women are drawn into a relationship with her, and are thankful to know that they are not alone in their cancer journey.

The meaning and purpose behind the existence of Grands and Co , is significant for Debra Ann as well as the many individuals who are blessed when they purchase her hand-crafted work. The sense of wearing a beautiful, original, leather tote that contributes funds for additional cancer research is nothing short of honourable.

Congratulations on your accomplishment of raising more than $2800 toward the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, as of April 2020. As Debra Ann experiences positive emotions and a sense of being part of something greater than herself, her life flourishes, and so do the lives of others.

Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring others to live life more fully. I wish you well on your journey.

With gratitude,

Pauline Kaldeway |

Pauline Kaldeway is a Special Education Resource Teacher and a Listening Therapy Practitioner operating Rewired Learning in Belleville, Ontario

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